What We Do

Abbotsford Collegiate 3D Model

3D Modelling

We are working mainly with the CAD program “CADWORK”, which is the leading CAD software in the Timber industry. We can export parts of the model or the entire models for other trades. This guarantees seamless data exchange.
steel part during construction

Steel Parts Manufacturing Files

Quite often, the use of custom steel parts is required, either for the architectural look or as a structural connection. We do the integration of these custom steel parts by including them in the model to ensure a perfect fit. These can be exported and sent to the consultants or we can also do shop drawings for the manufacturing.
house plans

House Plans

We also do house plans for you.
  • 3D visualization for presentations or walk thru with your client
  • for permitting
  • construction documents
  • install or on site drawings

Shop or Install Drawings

For the review process or the install on site, we export the 2D prints, which will be used for verifying all measurements and details to ensure a perfect fit. You’ll be able to pass along our drawings to your site supervisor or project manager(s).
steel fasteners

Output for your Material Orders

The big advantage of the 3D modelling is, all the info is right there. We can extract the required information to create the lists for all your material orders. Typically, our lists will show the required fasteners, connectors, and framing materials. An accurate material list will save you and your project managers time, headaches and money.
passive house

Passive House

We are also familiar with the most advanced building method, the Passive House standard. Which saves you money on your electricity bill and improves the living quality.

Timber Manufacturing Files

We also take care of all your needs to make the manufacturing easy and fast. We create the PbP-drawings for hand-cutting timbers, or the interface for the fully automated CNC cutting process. Whatever your project needs are – we can do it all.
sequence drawing multi story building

Sequence Drawings for the Install

To make your life easier on site, we create the install drawings which shows the project installed in phases. This helps to plan the staging areas on site for the install and can be helpful in the pre-planning stage as well. You’ll always know which phase of the project you’re currently on, and which tasks come next in the sequence.
virtual reality house tour

Virtual Reality Presentation

We can help you visualize your future home with a full 3D virtual guided tour where you’ll be able to experience the look and feel of your project. You’ll wear special 3D goggles and our team will help you virtually walk through your house.

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